21 01 2012 — 26 02 2012

TOBIAS ALM Traces of function

Tools and utensils usually don’t need instructions or a manual. Their handling becomes second nature. Often a location for the hand is recognizable, the logic of buttons and handles is unmistakable. Tobias Alm was attracted to venture into the field of this sort of, often implicit, visual language. He was keen to see when doubt might set in, when the obvious would give way to uncertainty.

Alm makes necklaces and brooches with shapes that are suggestive, but elucidate little. Using unconventional combinations, connections and materials he willfully makes ambiguous images. The conception is no longer guided by functional demands, but relies solely on the fascinations of the artist. In an intriguing way the jewellery balances between being a sculptural object and a commodity. It is fitting for the theme of this collection: for what happens when you look at something? What if its function is not instantly clear, when purpose and beauty seem to be rivals? There might come a moment when you decide that the object is a piece of jewellery.

Ward Schrijver 
(© Galerie Rob Koudijs)